Final Remix Video Assignment

For my final remix video, I combined together all the elements that we were taught over the semester in our remix class. I had numerous ideas when it came to making my final remix video. In the end I focused on making an experimental remix video. This allowed me to combine all the skills and elements of the class into the visual and audio form. By following the elements of the class, my created remix video had my computer constantly freezing and not responding.


For the visual element of my video, I used the combination of sourced footage and my own. I wanted to focus on the vibrant colour and patterns, which was achieved by the kaleidoscope pattern and the clips of the Ferris wheel. As I enjoyed making my first remix video for the last assessment, I took a similar approach to my remix video. I know that we were encouraged to film our own footage to add to our folio, but I really enjoyed climbing numerous video and creating an experimental video of already established footage. It allowed me to combine together videos, that may not have ever been done and shown together. Plus, I was highly inspired by the numerous clips shown throughout the semester.
For the editing process of this creation I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This program helped me combine together the clips, adjust their opacity, along with cutting and moving the clips along the timeline. I added the mirror effect to a number of different clips, to further affect the original.
Some of the issues that I faced during the editing process was the slowing of my laptop. Through adding a number of mirror effects onto my timeline it caused my laptop to freeze constantly. This made the process take extremely long and left me making the decision to have minor effects layered over my visuals. Ideally I would’ve have placed numerous visual filters onto my video, however my laptop wasn’t strong enough to handle it. This left me with only minor effect and the visuals still being recognisable from their original source. It got me thinking about the potential copyright laws that I could be breeching. However, the video wouldn’t be use for profit, instead for educational purposes. Much like all of the other content that has been uploaded to this blog throughout the semester.
When it came to the sound element of the video, I wanted to stretch out the sounds. This was something different to my first remix video. In which I sped up the music and adjusted the pitch of the song. Instead, I focused on stretching out the sound which created a completely different effect to the video. The audio had a powerful influence on the particular approach I took with the visuals. As the sound changed the atmosphere of the video and created a dark and moody feeling. Sound hasn’t been my strong point, however in the final remix video I found myself a bit more confident with my skills in audacity and what elements worked and what did not. After I had completed added the numerous effects to my audio clips, I used the app of Shazam to see if it would pick up on the clip. It was not successful and couldn’t recognise any of the audio clips used.
Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of my remix video and sound. It allowed me to further expand on my skills in both areas of visual and sound. Along with ability to completely freeze and slow down my laptop.

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