5 Blog Posts Submission

The first post that I have included is my Remix Video Test. The post focuses on the process that I did with Premiere Pro to make my remix video test. It presents the elements that I incorporated into my video process. The remix video influenced the final approach I took to my other two remixed videos. The second post I’ve selected is on the band, Negativland. The blog focuses on the history of the band and complications they faced throughout their career. This includes the legal issues they faced with the band U2. The third post I’ve selected to include in my submission is a focus on Piracy. I wanted to write about the constant struggle there is with online piracy of movie and television shows. I discussed the new laws that have been introduced to help combat online piracy. The fourth blog post focuses on remix culture and my introduction to the culture that exists. The final blog post that I’ve included is on Ophir Kutiel (also known as Kutiman). The remix artist combines a mix of different YouTube clips to create music. Each of these blog posts focuses on my interest in the different topics discussed throughout the semester, along with my understanding and association with remix culture.

Here are the links to the five blog posts that I enjoyed writing the most over the semester.

1.Remix Video Test


2. Negativlandnegativland 

3. Piracypiracy 

4. Everything is a Remixeverythingisaremix 

5. Kutiman Mixes YouTubekutimanweek4


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