Influences for the final assessment (Week 10 lecture)

For our week 10 lecture for Remix, we focused on our final assessment. Hugh showed us a number of unique and creative remix videos, which successfully combine the use of sound with visuals. One of the remixed videos that was shown was by the artist of Ryoji Ikeda. Ikeda is a Japanese sound artist, who combines the use of raw sounds of noise and sine tones into his art shows. Through the combination of sound against a flashing backdrop of visuals, it provides the viewer with an intense experience. Ryoji Ikeda successfully combines the use of these unique sounds to the intensify of the flashing backdrop by his ability to mash together the two different mediums. It was quite interesting to see the works made by Ryoji Ikeda, however at the same time it was difficult to continually focus on the intensify of the flashing backdrop.


After seeing different remix videos by Bjork, The Chemical Brothers and Kylie Minogue it all contributed to my further brainstorm of the particular remix video that I wanted to create for my assessment. It lead me to focus the remix videos that I personally enjoy. A music video in particular that came to mind was FKA Twigs music videos. This includes her music video for her clip Water Me and Two Weeks. I find both of the video clips fully captivating to watch. They aren’t remix like the Kylie Minogue film clip (which was enjoyable to watch, and one that I enjoyed focusing on when I was growing up), however it does implement the combination of music and visuals together.

In ‘Water Me’, it uses animation and a gradual build of different alternations being made to her face throughout the course of the music video. The clip also uses the importance of the sound to continually build upon the alterations being made to her eyes in the music video.

In ‘Two Weeks’ I am fascinated by the use of animation and the gradual build to effects. It’s not exactly a remixed video, however it’s unique in its narrative and the use of effects implemented throughout. It’s a film clip that I constantly find myself observing and finding something new each time I view the clip. This includes all the minor details implemented in the background of the clip and the continual reveals that are shown throughout the film clip.


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