Remixed Video Assignment

For my remixed video assessment, I focused on merging together numerous videos to create collage/montage/experimental set of clips. I used Keepvid to download my videos from YouTube. I began by importing my various video clips into Adobe Premiere Pro. I began by cutting the particular parts of clips and inserting them onto my timeline. From there, I was able to layer each of the videos on top of each other. I shifted the original opacity of the overlayed videos to 50%. This allowed the numerous videos to show through the patterned overlay. Then I changed the ‘blend mode’ on the top layer of the pattern to ‘Hard light’. This allowed the dramatic effect of the overlay to occur. I continued to use the razor tool to cut clips into different segments and move them along the timeline. I continued to add numerous video clips onto my timeline and layer them with the kaleidoscope pattern.


For the audio aspect of my remixed video, I used Audacity to change the tempo of the music. I heightened the tempo to the largest possible outcome. This allowed the beat to quicken and fit the visuals appearing throughout the clip. I wanted it to be quick and colourful, which through the accompanied sound and visuals I was able to achieve.


Throughout the process there was a lot of back and forth between adjusting the audio to fit the visuals. This lead to Premiere slowing down due to the large amount of visuals on the timeline and imported videos into the software. To improve the lag, I rendered my clips numerous times to overcome this issue. Overall I am happy with the outcome I was able to achieve through remixing my various video clips together. I believe that the visuals worked well with the remixed audio.

Videos I remixed: 

Colourform – Kaleidoscope

Lana Del Rey – High by the Beach

Lana Del Rey – Ride

Lana Del Rey – West Coast


Halsey – Colors (Part 2)


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