Remixed Video Test (Week 8)

For my remix video test I focused on merging together various video clips together. This video clips that I implemented into my remixed video included free stock footage from the Internet. Along with a copyrighted film clip. I began my process by selecting particular elements of the clips and adding them to my timeline. From there I used the razor tool to split videos into smaller parts. This allowed me to cut and move the clips allow my timeline. By merging these videos together, it allowed me to use different effects to blend and alter the videos from their original state.


To edit my clips together I used Adobe Premiere Pro. Through its numerous effects features, I was able to implement a number of different video effects onto each clip. This provided me with the opportunity to further alter the original footage. The effects that I used included solarize, distortion, different colour filters and changes to the opacity on clip. All these options allow the video to become further altered and to enter the state of unrecognisable.

Through implementing the solarize filter, it allowed me to further experiment with manipulating my original video footage. Through adjusting the strength of the filter, it further changed the visibility of the video. By adding this filter throughout my video, it allowed for the video to intensify at particular moments. The solarize filter adjusted the particular mood throughout the video due to its heightened intensity

By adding so many effects to my video clips, it caused my computer to become extremely slow. Especially when it came to the rendering aspect in Premiere. The rendering of frames took an extended amount of time due to the heavy use of effects and alternations made to the clips.



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