Brandalism (Week 7 lecture)


Remix is embedded into our culture. The popular culture of music, movie, sounds, images and celebrity are constantly surrounding us. They have a major influence of the advertising and branding that we consume daily. Through pop culture it allows the accessibility to regenerate these ideas into new stuff. Artists are provided the ability to remix particular elements into a new idea and republish it to the consumer. As remix is constantly embedded into our culture, we absorb this system and create our own set of ideas.

The week 7 lecture focused on two particular words: recuperation and detournement. Recuperation refers to the process in which politically radical ideas and images are redeveloped in the media culture. This allows the ability to create a more socially conventional perspective. While detourement focuses on the opposite ideas of recuperation. Instead, detournement focuses on turning branding logos and slogans against their original advertiser. It presents the idea of culture jamming, which was a popular term used by the performance group Negativland.

Culture jamming is a form of subvertising.Many culture jams are intended to expose questionable political assumptions behind commercial culture. Tactics include re-figuring logos; fashion statements; and product images as a means to challenge the idea of “what’s cool.”



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