For my first video remix, I placed together a Soul Train 1970s dancing clip that was uploaded to YouTube and added OutKast’s hit Hey Ya with it. Through combining the music and the visuals, I aimed to focus on syncing together the dance moves along with the beat of the song. I used Adobe’s Premiere Pro to edit the clips together. I used the razor tool in order to cut, then copy and paste different aspects of the dancing video to match up with the song. This allowed me to achieve what I set out to do for the video element of this assignment. The elements that didn’t particularly work well was fading out the music from the visuals. I used the pen tool in Premiere, however the fade out didn’t match too well with the video element of the clip. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome I was able to achieve through combining separate visual elements and combining them with music.


For my second video, I combined the visuals of a Charleston clip and the audio of Beyonce’s Single Ladies together. I used Premiere Pro once again to achieve the combination of these two separate clips. My set aim was to merge together two separate clips together and for them to successfully sync up. Through Premiere Pro I was able to experiment with the different tools in order to cut and paste elements from two clips. There were particular parts in the clip that did not exactly sync up, however I wanted to edit the audio clip as little as possible. As I believe this may have altered the overall quality and originally of the track.


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