Week 5: Piracy

Through the internet people across the world are able to connect and share their thoughts, ideas and content. But what happens when this content isn’t their own? More particularly a film that they enjoyed or a song they heard on the radio. The internet allows the possibly to share their thoughts about a variety of different content they’ve come into contact with. However, through the internet it provides users the opportunity to redistribute this content, allowing it for free downloading and sharing amongst millions of individuals. Not only is this way of receiving content free, easy to access and high quality, it has many legal concerns tagging along with it.

By users having access to the latest movies and television series uploaded to popular torrenting sites, for example thepiratebay, it allows a very open and easy to access way of sharing copyrighted content with each other. However, in more recent times there has been a crack down upon torrenting content. A list regarding the top 10 most pirated television series, found HBO’s Games of Thrones at the top of the list. As it rated the number one most torrented television series in 2014. The data comes from piracy-tracking firm Excipio, which analyzed activity for the period between Jan. 1 and Dec. 24, 2014. AMC’s The Walking Dead was a close second in the list as well. With Australia being one of the largest countries with a massive piracy issue, there has been an introduction to new laws being implemented in an attempt to stop their overgrowing issue. The law focused around streaming and torrenting websites. However, similar laws have existed in the UK since 2011, and are commonly regarded as reasonably unsuccessful in their goal. This is because, as soon as a site is blocked, multiple other mirror sites pop up. Once those mirror sites are blocked, more have already been created; the government simply cannot keep up. The UK also blocked proxy sites, which could likely be in Australia’s not-so-distant future, too.

Which leaves us with the question: Will they ever be able to control these streaming and torrenting sites? Will this issue ever change? At this point of the time, the issue is uncontrollable. The ability to share and redistribute content online is too difficult to control.


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