Video, Image and Sound Project (Image)

For the image aspect of this project, I used Google images and Adobe’s Photoshop to achieve my creations. I began my process by searching the web for vector graphics to overlay a base face image.

First step for this activity was to Google image search, 'black and white vector graphics'.

First step for this activity was to Google image search, ‘black and white vector graphics’.

For the second step, I needed to find a face in order for the edit to work.

For the second step, I needed to find a face in order for the edit to work.

IMAGE 01: 

adrianalima0021 Vector-Circus-Elephant-Silhouette-GraphicsFairy1

For my first image creation, I focused on finding a black and white vector graphic along with a model’s face to overlay the graphic on. During this activity, I aimed to create an experimental set of images. Through Photoshop, I was able to make further adjustments to my original face image. This included removing all saturation to the photo and by adding numerous changes to the contrast/brightness levels on the photo. This allowed the ability for the base image to become a highly contrasted black and white image. Then I imported my black and white vector graphic. Through the transform tool, I was able to move the vector graphic around. This allowed the ability for the image to fully transform and become unrecognisable from its original state. The elements that didn’t work during this activity was further adding contrast/brightness feature, without over whiting the photo. I wanted to continue to keep the model’s key features, so viewers were able to work out the base image along with the placement of the vector graphic.

01 04



IMAGE 02: 

8133c3df7b85d5c678350cff8415b13f-d47zs96 Vector-Image-Mothers-Day-GraphicsFairy3

The process for my second image was the same process as creating the first graphic. I followed the exact same adjustments to the first one. Along with how I selected and flipped the image, which allowed the creation of a symmetrical face.  This allowed me to set the same aim in the second creation. During this process, the elements that worked included the use of the base image flipping clearly. However, there were elements that didn’t work too well. This included the black and white vector graphic. In the process, I edited out another person from the photo and focused on the child. This allowed me to have more room to transform the vector graphic onto my original photo. However, after doing so, I wasn’t too sure on the final result of the photograph. But as I reflect back onto my main aim for this activity, I remained focused on achieving an experimental series of images for this assignment.

50 51




1_start-with-a-blank-canvas 070_people_silhouettes-5-l

For my third graphic, I followed the same steps as stated above. I set out to achieve another unique creation to add my experimental series of vector graphics. As I continued to follow the same steps, I was able to develop a better understanding of Photoshop and its available tools. I made adjustments to the original face image. Then for the vector graphic, I selected a solid black figure from the large selection of individuals. I achieved this through cropping the element of the photo I wanted, then I was able to transform the vector graphic into a unique overlay. Through this edit, I was able to reach the aim I set out in the beginning of the task. Overall, I’m happy with the graphic I was able to create.

21 32



317655-face Vector-Images-Stock-Easter-Silhouette-GraphicsFairy41

This is the fourth creation that I achieved through this activity. As this was my first creation for the task, I set out to achieve a similar creation to the steps that Hugh followed in our tutorial. This allowed me to develop a similar outcome in regards to the appearance of the image. Throughout this task, I faced multiple issues in regards to flipping the image and the creation of the symmetrical face. However, after using the transform tool, I was able to follow the instruction onto further make adjustments (contrast/brightness) to the original image. Overall, I’m most happy with this graphic, as I believe the changes made to the contrast/levels/brightness achieved the desired outcome of the task. It worked well with the original photo that I had selected from Google and the vector graphic effect on the overall image.



Here are some other graphics that I made for this task:
02 Untitled-5 Untitled-7 Untitled-35


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