Video, Image and Sound Project (Audio task)

For my first audio piece, I set out to achieve of a remix of three different sounds. To achieve this, I found a base beat for the sound piece, in which I layered with a guitar and drum loop on the top of it. What allowed this piece to work was be able to implement the drum and guitar loops by carefully placing them on parts of the timeline. Also, through Audacity’s tool of repetition, I was able to repeat the beats numerous times. This allowed the combination of sounds to flow with each other better. The elements that didn’t work in this activity was getting the guitar and drum loops to mix in with the base beat. Through Audacity’s effect of speed/tempo, I was able to adjust elements of the sounds. However, I wasn’t able to achieve a perfect remix of sound. Though for this activity, I focused more on experimenting with sound rather than perfecting it.


This is a screenshot from my first audio clip.

This is a screenshot from my first audio clip.


For my second audio remix, I used soundcloud and freemusicloops to download my sound bites. Through soundcloud I was able to use a dubstep beat that I aimed to layer with another two loops. Audacity provided me with the ability to experiment with the repeatition tool, along with cut and move the audio footage along the timeline. With this sound clip, I focused on implementing different sound bites throughout the short clip. This allowed the ability to use the fade in and out option through the effect panel. This allowed me to work with the base sound and build upon it through the other downloaded loops. This audio clip was more dance based, as I used synths and electric guitar sounds to gain upon the downloaded dubstep loop. I aimed to match the overlays on particular elements of the base beat, however at times found it difficult to achieve.




Base Sound

Loop Sound


For my third audio piece, I created a more funk sounding remix. This was achieved through the particular use of guitar and bass that I imported into Audacity. From there I was able to add effects of repeating the audio loops, along with speed particular elements up on the guitar riffs. Through adding numerous affect to my downloaded audio clips, I was able to combine, cut and move different sounds throughout the remix. This allowed me to further experiment in Audacity and develop a better understanding on using loops and the tools available.

This is a screenshot from my

This is a screenshot from my third audio experimentation.

audio033 audio3




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