Kutiman Mixes YouTube (Week 4)


ThruYou is a website developed by Ophir Kutiel (AKA Kutiman), which combines a mix of multiple YouTube clips in order to create his own album and catalogue of music. Kutiman combines raps, drum beats, guitar riffs and piano tunes all uploaded by YouTube’s users together as one song. He credits each borrowed work back to the original uploader, which results in numerous hyperlinks to different artists on YouTube.

With his first work titled, Mother of All Funk Chords, viewed over 1 million times,  he combines the works from fellow artists to create a seven track album. Kutiman also discusses the progress in which he grabs and remixes together other artist’s uploaded content. He researches through the YouTube database for repetitive drum beats, guitars and piano sounds. This allows the basis of the music to be created. Along with this, Kutiman finds original works from singers and rappers that have been uploaded. This allows the repetitive beat to be combined with male and/or female vocals.

At first I took some drummers—before I had the idea about Thru You, I took some drummers from YouTube and I played on top of them—just for fun, you know. And then one day, just before I plugged my guitar to play on top of the drummer from YouTube, I thought to myself, you know—maybe I can find a bass and guitar and other players on YouTube to play with this drummer…(source)

Kutiman dedicated two months of developing the ThruYou project, in which he gathered, cut, remixed and combine numerous videos together. In 2014, Kutiman released his second album titled, Thru You Too. The album was distributed through Kutiman’s website, where it is available for consuming.

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