Creative Commons (Week 4)

Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world.

For today’s tutorial, we focused on the idea of creative commons and the implementation for it to be a part of our blogs. By adding this widget into our wordpress blogs, it allows for the content we create to have license in regards to what’s available for copying/borrowing and what is not. By placing this on our blogs, we allow the idea of Copyleft ideals onto the content we create.

‘Licensing a work is as simple as selecting which of the six licenses best meets your goals, and then marking your work in some way so that others know that you have chosen to release the work under the terms of that license.’

Due to the content that I’ll be creating over the upcoming months, it’s important to implement the creative commons licensing widget onto this blog. As I will be using sampled material, along with borrowing numerous elements from publish works to create my own content. This will include the use of borrowing other individual’s photographs, videos and audio clips.


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