Combining and Looping sounds (Week 3: Tutorial)

Audacity-ScreenshotIn our week 3 tutorial for Remix, we focused on building our skills with the program, Audacity. The free program allows us to mix, cut and add numerous effects to any file types. In the lesson, the aim was create our own beats through the use of sounds found online. For my own experimentation with Audacity, I got my sounds from Freesounds. A site that allows free access to a variety of different audio files that are uploaded by users. Through searching through numerous sounds, I was able to find a few that would successfully work to create a looping beat.

I began by importing the audio files into Audacity. Then I was able to further explore the different options that the audio software offers. I started by selecting different aspects of the audio and cutting it into shorter lengths. This allowed me to create a repetitive beat. As I had download multiple audio files from freesounds, I imported more files and began to alter them. This include adding the effect of repeating the sound, along with adding speed up effects onto the audio. This allowed me to develop a different beat to my sound clip. Throughout the tutorial, I focused on experimenting with the different features provided on Audacity, along with creating a repetitive beat throughout my audio. The current loop I have going is still a working progress and will be uploaded soon.


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