Vector Graphics Remixed (Week 2 Tutorial)

Two combined black and white vector images I created in Photoshop.

Two combined black and white vector images I created in Photoshop.

For our week 2 tutorial for Remix, we were encouraged to search and save black and white vector graphics. Through Google images we were able to obtain a number of different black and white graphics that would eventually act as an overlay to another photograph. The first step in our progress was finding a face image. This would act as our base to the black and white vector graphic. Through Adobe Photoshop we were able to alter our base image from colour to black and white. Then we were able to crop one side of the individual’s face and mirror it. This allowed the individual to have a symmetrical face. Which looks slightly odd. Then we made adjustments to the base image, this included adding numerous filters of brightness/contrast on top of the original photo. This allowed the image to intensify in its outlines and features.


This was one of the base images I used in the task.

With my selected black and white vector graphic, I was able to duplicate its layers and create numerous graphics. This allowed for random creations of remixing a single image into different positions. After successfully creating a new remixed image, it allowed for the piece to be transferred onto our base image. This is the artwork that I was able to create:

02 Untitled-3 Untitled-5 Untitled-7

These were the outcomes I was able to achieve through remixing numerous face images and vector graphics.

Throughout the process, I was face with numerous issues. This included unsuccessfully being able to flip images through an easier process. However, I found another way which allowed me to achieve the same result. Other issues I faced was making my base image look more contrasted, without wiping away the individual’s features completely. Overall, I’m happy with my creations and the skills I was able to build through this activity.


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