A Remix Manifesto (Week 2: Lecture)

The documentary by Brett Gaynor, RiP: A Remix Manifesto follows the life of the remix artist Girl Talk. The film provides insight to the rules and regulations of copyright issues that are faced by remix artist. The documentary encourages other artists to ‘steal’ other creator’s content and make it their own/expand upon that. Much like how Girl Talk collects other artist’s music and combines/mixes/mashes/cuts/edits it all as a dance tune. This way of remixing has become quite popular due to the easy access of being able to download music online. Through websites such as a SoundCloud, it provides users the ability to upload their own creations and remixes from other artists.  By providing this platform, individuals further gain access and knowledge about different artists and music genres. However, there are many issues that occur due to copyright laws. This affects the amount and ability that remixers can obtain and use.

In the lecture, the discussion of how powerful ideas can be as they are communicated through images. Through our own minds we are able to link together understandings of particular visuals we are confronted with. By our own psychology we are able to view an image and develop meaning and understanding through particular elements featured in a visual piece. The power of Tumblr and Pinterest allow the chain of association to occur with the images included on their website. Through their users, people are able to gather different images and/or videos to recreate their own meaning and ideas towards an original work. It also allows for creativity amongst artists, to continue to build upon an original idea.


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