Everything is a remix (Week 1 Tutorial)


And I just stole this image from Google… (Source)

Everything is a remix. The song that I’m currently listening to as I write this has been influenced by another song that they listened to. And the process continues to go on. We are continuously influenced by the art around us: whether it’s music, film, photography, paintings – we become influenced by other people’s work. For myself, when I watch television series and/or films I become heavily influenced by their modes of storytelling and how it is portrayed. I find myself saying, ‘I want to do that!’ or ‘I really like how they did this’. It allows myself to continuously change and alter how I want to tell a story or how I want to visually show something. Each of these different medians allows me to further understand and change the way I create content.

Nobody’s ideas are original. Instead they are just the same stories being told in different settings and through slightly different characters. However, each of the stories we view all have the same basis. All of them continue to borrow elements from a past film. As artists, we are continuously influenced by each other. However, over time their has been an alteration to how much can you borrow from someone else. With numerous copyright laws in place, our limitations for remixing content is affected greatly. We aren’t able to just ‘borrow’ a certain element from a song and create our own version without being sued for copyright.

In our first tutorial for Remix, we watched ‘Everything is a Remix‘ by Kirby Ferguson. Which demonstrated through numerous parts that everything in music, film, television, basically anything we have watched, has been influenced by something else. The short documentary series showed comparisons to different content over the years. It was interesting to witness the clear borrowing/influence past films have had on contemporary cinema.


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